Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there was a beautiful girl named Calline who lived a happy life with her knight in shining armor, Sir Jonathan of Silvercrest. They shared a love so deep that it radiated out to everyone around them. One day, God saw how much love they had for each other and decided to bless them with a child sent directly from Heaven.  The child arrived on a cloud with an orange lily in her hair.  Calline said the child, must be named Lillie.  

Lillie was perfect in every way. Calline and Sir Jonathan were overjoyed and grateful for this precious gift. They raised Lillie with all the love in their hearts and watched her grow into a beautiful young girl.

However, fate can be cruel, and Calline’s life was taken too soon by a terrible accident. Sir Jonathan was devastated and heartbroken. He didn't know how to go on without his true love, and he missed her every day. He missed her laugh, her smile, and her gentle touch.  He joined crusades and battles that were dangerous, secretly hoping his life would be taken and he could once again become united with Calline.  But God had a plan for Sir Jonathan and made him victorious in every battle he took part in.  

In Heaven, Calline was happy, and she spent her time with God, watching over her family. She missed them dearly, but she knew that she was surrounded by love and peace. She longed to comfort her knight in shining armor and let him know that she was happy in Heaven.

God saw her longing and promised Calline that He would send an angel down to Earth to comfort the knight and let him know that Calline was happy in Heaven and that she would always be watching over him and Lillie.  But the angel that God sent was named Phelgor, and he had an ulterior motive.  When Phelgor saw the beautiful Calline, he fell in love with her.  But the love for her knight never diminished.  Phelgor thought that if he could convince Sir Jonathan that Calline never really loved him and that God sent him down to tell Sir Jonathan to disavow his past with Calline and rid himself of everything that reminded him of her, Calline would see that Sir Jonathan didn’t love her anymore and maybe her love for him would expire like a candle who’s wax dissipated over time.  

Phelgor came down to Sir Jonathan as he was walking alongside the stream outside his castle with Lillie.  Phelgor told Sir Jonathan all he had planned to tell him and saw his strategy begin to unfold as the anguish tortured Sir Jonathan worse than any battle wound.

Calline was trying to watch from Heaven.  She wanted to see the moment Sir Jonathan felt the embrace of his wife’s love once again as the news the angel was supposed to deliver to him entered his ears.  But she couldn’t see anything.  Unbeknownst to Calline, Phelgor met a powerful being on his way to earth and struck a deal with him.  If the powerful being could block Calline from seeing Sir Jonathan as Phelgor delivered his message to him, then he would bring Lillie back to the powerful being and he could take her back to wherever he came from. 


At this point, Calline couldn’t see her knight and child and her love grew more and a torrent of her devotion overcame the powerful being’s curse and back on earth, Sir Jonathan’s heart recognized the pleasure in his heart that began the day he met Calline and knew that this angel was lying to him.  Sir Jonathan’s wretched sadness turn into exasperated anger and he drew his sword. 

Phelgor saw his intention was failing, and his animosity toward Sir Jonathan and Calline matured quickly.  He told Sir Jonathan that he was just a mere mortal and wouldn’t stand a  chance against an angel.  Even though Phelgor’s plan failed, he would hold up his end of the bargain, more for his hatred of Sir Jonathan and Calline than his commitment to his agreement with the powerful being outside of Heaven.  Phelgor said he would take Lillie with him on his departure, but Sir Jonathan made it clear that it would be only over his lifeless body.

Phelgor smiled and began to walk towards Sir Jonathan, but all of a sudden a dreadful look fell over Phelgor’s face.  God was watching from Heaven and was not going to let Phelgor intervene with His promise to Calline.  Sir Jonathan, with his sword in hand, turned to look at what gave Phelgor the look of despair, he saw God’s army standing behind him, ready for action.  Phelgor froze.

A high-ranking angel told Sir Jonathan and Lillie that God sent them down to deliver a message of love and desire that Calline felt towards Sir Jonathan and Lillie and that she was happy with God and will always watch over them.  One day when it’s time, God will reunite Sir Jonathan and Calline.  A tear of joy dropped from the cheek of Sir Jonathan and as it hit the soil an orange lily grew, then another, and many others until it was an immense field of orange lilies.         


The angel turned toward Phelgor and said that God was sending him back to the powerful being and Phelgor would have to explain that he didn’t fulfill his end of the agreement.  The powerful being was then allowed to do with Phelgor what he pleased, and Phelgor was not welcome back in Heaven.  

From that day on, Sir Jonathan felt a sense of peace and comfort knowing that Calline was happy in Heaven. He raised Lillie with all the love in his heart, always telling her stories about her mother and how much she loved her. And when his time came, he knew that he would join Calline in Heaven, where they would be together forever.

And so, their love story continued, even beyond this life, as they were reunited in Heaven, where they would spend eternity together, watching over their family and sharing their love with the world.